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Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS350
Semi Automatic Stencil Printer YS350
Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS350

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Specification of Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS350

PCB sizeMax:400*240mm
Printing area500*320mm
PCB fixed systemPin positioning
Frame sizeL(550-650)*W(370-470)
Adjusting for tablefront/rear±10mm,left/right±10mm
Printing Accuracy±0.2mm
Repeating Accuracy±0.2mm
PCB thickness0.2-2.0mm
Air source4-6kg/c㎡
Power supplyAC220V 50HZ
Packing size1050*900*1850mm
Net weight230kg
Gross weight280KG

Features of Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS350

  • PC control, touch screen display, and menu operation interface.

  • Floating scraper. Similar to the automatic printer, the scraper of a semi-automatic stencil printer can be floated freely up and down and can be adjusted automatically to level with the steel grid.

  • The pressure of the scraper is adjustable. The pressure on the steel grid is adjustable according to the length of the scraper.

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