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General Questions of TronStol Products

  • Q Do you Have English Version for Your Machines?


  • Q Is it hard to use these machines?

    No, not hard at all. For our previous clients, at most 2 days is enough to learn to operate the machines.

  • Q The Warranty of the machine?

    One year, the parts will be free for the buyer in the warranty.

  • Q How is the training?

    After buying our machines,it is so easy to operate the machine according the training video and user manual.And our after-sales team will guide you how to use it.

  • Q Does your machines have quality certificate?

    All of our machines have passed ISO14001(BCC),ISO9001(IQNET) and have own patent.

  • Q Does factory support software updating?


  • Q When can it be shipped?

    We will ship within 7-14 working days after received your payment.

  • Q Do I need to have a full-time engineer to operate and maintain the equipment?

    Our machine is easy to operate. After debugging the functions, it can operate automatically. If you are an inexperienced person, from the beginning, we will guide you through the process.

    As for repairs, our machines have better stability. If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support.

  • Q What is OpenPnP?

    OpenPnP is an Open Source SMT pick and place system that includes ready to run software, and hardware designs that you can build and modify.

  • Q I wonder if there is a solution within my budget?

    We pride ourselves on providing the right equipment for every need and budget.

  • Q What should I do if there is a problem in the use process?

    We have good after-sales service, you can get technical support by email or phone. In addition, we have overseas agents who can help you solve problems.

  • Q Can the machine achieve segment placement?


  • Q What are the functions of the up and down cameras?

    They will display the picking process with high definition image, multiply efficiency while ensure accuracy.

  • Q Is it complicated to set up the machine?

    No. It takes about 5 minutes to install feeders, set up the machine software, and detect the position of the pcb.

  • Q What's the payment term?

    100% TT in advance.

  • Q What's the grating ruler displacement sensor?

    The grating ruler displacement sensor (abbreviated as grating ruler) is a measurement feedback device that uses the optical principle of grating to work. The missing pulse can be automatically corrected through the cooperation of the grating ruler and the reading head, and feedback to the controller can be timely also when the rotor is locked.

  • Q Is your machine mainly used for proofing?

    From proofing to mass production, we will provide you the best solution and after-sales service.

  • Q Is it easy to transport?

    Small size is the biggest advantage of our placement machine, it is very convenient to transport.

  • Q What payment methods do you support?

    Bank Transfer, Paypal

  • Q Is the shipping included?

    This is just the price of the product. You are responsible for the freight.

  • Q Is the software easy to operate?

    The software is easy to operate, convenient and logical, and it can be quickly learned by inexperienced people.

  • Q In case the machine breaks down, where can I find the spare parts?

    Once your machine have the problem, please contact us or leave a message to our email. We will forward your message to our engineers and within 24 hours we will arrange inspection for your machine remotely. If it needs replacing any spare parts, we will send it to you directly by TNT、DHL or others.

    We have the technical teams in some area. If you need local service, you have to cover the travel expenses, labor cost. They will provide service for you directly. The machine will be packed with some spare parts according to our experience.

  • Q Is the software update fast?

    The software is updated in real time, making it more intelligent.

  • Q During the warranty period, who is responsible for the cost of the parts?

    During the warranty period, we provide free repairs and parts.

  • Q Is there a return service for the machine?

    All our machines do not accept returns unless there are quality problems.

  • Q How do we know the effect of the placement during the placement process?

    The software system can provide preview function from file import to final mounting, which makes users directly verify the accuracy of data during the editing process and improve the programming efficiency.

  • Q My production volume is relatively large, can your machine meet my needs?

    It depends on your amount and component types. According to your production needs, we will help you develop a solution and provide you with a SMT line.

  • Q What documents are applicable to your offline programming?

    Our offline programming software is using. CSV file which is exported from AD directly.

FAQs of Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1

  • Q What's the differences between your Tronstol A1 and the other brands?
    • High cost-effective; In the equipment of the same price, our automatic pick and place machine Tronstol A1 can achieve high precision and high-efficiency operation. As a small pick a place machine, it can mount perfectly the smallest component 0201.

    • We have the Self-developed software; It takes about 5 minutes to install feeders, set up the machine software, and detect the position of the PCB. In addition, the software is easy to operate, convenient and logical, and it can be quickly learned by inexperienced people. In addition, the software is updated in real-time, making it more intelligent.

    • We have our offline programming software. Without occupying the production line, you can make PCB files and import files any time and anywhere. 

    • We've also invested in the look of the machine, stylish & simple.

  • Q What is a Pick and Place (X-Y) file?

    The pick and place file, is basically a list of all the components on the design and their respective x-y coordinates and rotation. Most PCB design software can extract the component location and orientation directly from the board layout file to make the pick and place file.

  • Q How does pick and place machine work?

    A pick and place (PNP) machine is a robotic assembly device that uses a vacuum to lift a component off of a piece of tape, rotate it to the right orientation, then place it on a circuit board. It takes a few hours to setup a machine to build the assembly, but once everything is running, it is very fast.

  • Q Tronstol A1 How to achieve perfect placement of 0201?

    What are the advantages of A1?

    • The A1 can achieve the high accuracy and mount 0201 by using dual inspection tech (vision and laser.)

    • On the one hand, the 3D sensor vision system can scan, recognize and center the picked component before placement, which achieves centering and optimun speed.

    • On the other hand, A full closed-loop system with feedback by a linear encoder ensures higher placement accuracy for 0201. It can track abnormal suitations from feedback system, such crash, step out, etc.

  • Q Is the installation of Tronstol A1 feeder bank complicated?

    No, it's minimal setup time. It takes about 1 minute.

  • Q Is the use of Tronstol A1 complicated?

    Each set of our machines is equipped with detailed instructions for use. Considering that this is your first time using our machine, we will have a video tutorial. In about a day, you can learn to operate our machine. We will also have online technical support.

  • Q How is the Tronstol A1's rails work?

    The Tronstol A1 has the auto rails. The auto rails could stop at any position required, which optimizes the placement path to improve efficiency.

  • Q How to control the p&p Tronstol A1?

    Tronstol A1 has touch-screen. The visualized operation interfaces is more intuitive, user-friendly.

  • Q How to import files to the pick and place machine?

    We have the Offline software-CSV change to XML.

  • Q Can Tronstol A1 mount long led pcb?

    Of course yes, it can support 1.2 meters LED strip.

  • Q How many mount head does Tronstol A1 have?

    We design and equip with four high precision mount head.

  • Q Does Tronstol A1 have visual functions?

    Yes, upper-camera and down looking camera.

  • Q What components can be mounted on Tronstol A1?

    Tronstol A1 can easily mount high-precision component such as 0201, QFN, BGA which are difficult for most pick and place machine.

  • Q How does Tronstol A1 realize pcb positioning?

    Tronstol A1 can support two different ways for PCB positioning both seamless mounting via automatic rails and PCB self-positioning mounting.

  • Q What are the main features of Tronstol A1?

    Flying Vision Alignment (Laser Camera)

    Fully Modular Design

    Linux Operating System

    Touch Screen Interface

    Linear Encoders monitoring the entire coordinate system

    Supports: 0201, LED, BGA, 0.4mm pitch QFP, SMT Connectors, and many others

    Supports: cut tape, loose, tube and tray components

    Approvals: TUV NORD CE

  • Q Does Tronstol A1 include Feeders?

    Feeders need to be purchased separately. The needs of Feeder size are different, and the price is also different.

  • Q The number of feeders of Tronstol A1 cannot meet my production needs, but my budget is not large. Is there any solution?

    You can purchase a feeder bank separately. Easy to install.

  • Q Compared with the previous generation machines, what are the advantages of A1?

    A1 has good performance and higher precision than the previous generation machine.

    The machine has an automatic calibration function, which can calibrate the position of components through 3D laser scanning.

FAQs of Pick and Place Machine TronStol 3V

  • Q What's the difference between TronStol 3V standard and advanced?

    The difference lies in the feeders' quantity and the placement range. Our pick and place machine Tronstol 3V standard can accept 24 feeders (all 8mm). However, Tronstol 3V advanced can accept 48 feeders (all 8mm).

  • Q Which one is better, semi-automatic printer or manual printer?

    The semi-automatic will be a good choice. The semi-automatic pick and place machine can basically realize automatic operation in the process of ink scraping, ink distribution and screen frame, and no manpower is needed at these times. The use of the manual printer may cause some problems with the brushing force and angle.

  • Q What's the Tronstol 3V main feature?

    Gantry (2 heads)

    Upwards Facing Vision System

    Windows XP (NOVA) Operating System

    Supports: cut tape, loose, tube and tray components

  • Q Is Tronstol 3V stable in placement?

    Yes. Tronstol 3V has been on the market for five years and received good feedback. It has a vision system that can scan and automatically and accurately locate, and can stably mount components.

  • Q Can Tronstol 3V mount 0201?

    Under good conditions, Tronstol 3v can achieve 0201 placement. PCB is relatively simple, and there are not many types of components.

FAQs of SMT Accessories

  • Q What is the rotation angle of the nozzle?

    They can mount at the same time with 360 degrees rotation at-180~180 degrees.

  • Q Is there a calibration function for feeding position?

    Yes. The p&p have automatically feeding position Alignment. This system can automatically recognize feeders and align their feeding positions of a selected working file, which save much time in calibrating.

  • Q How many sizes of feeders are there?

    Four, 8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm width.

FAQs of SMT Assembly Line

  • Q Do you provide SMT Solution?

    Yes, our company is an one-stop solution manufacturer and supplier. If you buy our pick and place machine, we also can recommend the SMT line according to your demands.

  • Q What small and easy-operation placement machine can be placed in the personal studio?

    Our Tronstol 3V desktop pick and place machine come with a desktop PC that’s usually running Windows as operating system, that can help you to set up the coordinates, speed, repeatability and other settings, much easier.

  • Q Compared with other small placement machines, are there any advantages?

    In the pick and place machine of the same price, Tronstol A1 can achieve high precision and high efficiency operation.

  • Q What are the reasons that affect smt assembly products?

    The overall process of SMT assembly mainly covers solder paste printing, placement, soldering and inspection among which solder paste printing, placement and soldering top the list.

FAQs of Other SMT Line Machines

  • Q What are the advantages of reflow oven L5?

    This kind of reflow oven has 5 heating zone and its temperature curves are scientifically set. Unreasonable temperature zone design then some defects will be met including bridging, missing components, and soldering balls.

  • Q Can reflow soldering support double-sided pcb?

    Yes. During the second reflow, there is oxide on the surface of the solder joint for the first reflow, and the solder joint lacks the function of flux (the ability of the flux to remove the oxide film is insufficient), even if the temperature rises to the reflow temperature, the first time The surface oxide tension of the reflow solder joint will support the shape of the solder joint, so that the appearance of the solder joint will not melt and collapse when the temperature reaches the melting point of the solder.

  • Q What kind of reflow soldering?

    Reflow oven worked with hot wind to solder PCB.

  • Q Which components can reflow soldering be used for?

    Most normal components, LED and kinds of IC.

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