Hang Zhou Tronstol technology Co., Ltd.
Hang Zhou Tronstol technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

About Us

Hangzhou TronStol Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2010 (the company name has been updated in 2019). It is a high-tech enterprise located in Hangzhou. TronStol focuses on pick & place machines and it also helps to provide machine parts like reflow oven, stencil printer, and conveyor to satisfy customer's needs of a completed SMT production line. We are SMT One-Stop manufacturer and provider.

Our company's pick and place machine has superiority of the comprehensive characteristics such as the speed of mounting, high precision, stability of operation, light body, convenient operation and etc. It truly solves the problems for customers, such as high labor costs, low production efficiency, unstable product quality, high equipment investment, and high maintenance costs.  It has been adopted by many research institutions, national key laboratories, scientific research institutes, and new product trial production centers of large foreign companies.  Especially suitable for mass production of the light bar, display screen production enterprises, automotive electronics, intelligent communication, and other enterprises.

Company Culture

TronStol has its own R&D team of more than 20 people, a professional management team, an excellent sales team, and a perfect after-sales service team.  Adhering to the core values of "Innovation", "Thinking & Practice" and "Comprehend & Achieve".

  • Mission

    Let every SMT production line have TronStol.

  • Vision

    Where are electronics, where is the light of TronStol. And taking "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service" as the enterprise spirit, through independent innovation and sincere cooperation to create value for the electronic automation industry.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is the soul of TronStol, let innovation become the source of enterprise development.

  • Thinking & Practice

    Thinking & Practice is the foundation of TronStol, let thinking and practice become the driving force of the company's progress.

  • Comprehend & Achieve

    Comprehend & Achieve is creativity to achieve the ultimate goal, let comprehend & Achieve make TronStol be a base for realizing dreams.

  • Future

    We set up more than 10 overseas agents to provide efficient local support in the EU area, India, The United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Turkey and etc.

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Why Choose TronStol

Why Choose TronStol

  • More than 10 years of industry experience in the SMT field
  • The R&D department continues to innovate and can independently customize products according to customers
  • A strong sales team in domestic & abroad and a layout of foreign agents to sell Tronstol products to the world
  • 24-hour after-sales support, timely response to customer needs, so that customers can buy and use with peace of mind

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