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Many products have begun to use LED equipment, such as LED displays, traffic lights, automotive lights, LED backlights, lighting sources, and so on. Therefore, when produce and mount LED products, we also need a placement machine for fast and fully automatic placement. Compared with other machines produced by the traditional SMT assembly line, our latest SMD LED pick and place machine can perfectly meet the precision requirements of LED products. More importantly, the requirements for speed and size are also high, so the installation speed must be fast when using the automatic LED bulb making machine, and at the same time, the length of the printed circuit board on the placement machine is at least 1200 mm. TronStol provides you cheap LED mounting machine with high speed and accuracy.

SMT Machines For LED

Advantages of the SMT Process for LED Pick and Place

Prior to LED SMT line production, the process of putting LEDs into their packages was done manually. Since most of the high-precision work was done manually, variations and inconsistencies in output due to human error were some of the major issues faced.

By adopting LED SMT production line, LED manufacturers and designers have witnessed a huge leap in yield, performance and durability. Here are some of the major benefits offered by SMT LED machine manufacturing.

The biggest advantage of using SMT machines for led is that it eliminates the possibility of variations common to manual assembly. The precise and high-precision automatic led pick and place machine place multiple components on the board at once, dramatically increasing productivity while reducing labor costs. The efficiency of SMT-based LED component manufacturing has increased exponentially as human intervention has been minimized.

In addition to pick and place led manufacturing, the importance of the SMT process for led pick and place is also reflected in the design process. Miniaturization is the trend in LED lighting, and the pick and place SMD led mounting machine makes this possible. The LED SMT machine utilizes higher levels of automation, high-quality nozzles and feeders, all of which combine to allow handling of much smaller components than traditional assembly methods.

Another important aspect of SMT LED machine that helps achieve compact dimensions is the use of zero wires. This process reduces the size of the board by mounting the components directly onto the board, resulting in a compact and slim design.

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