Hang Zhou Tronstol technology Co., Ltd.
Hang Zhou Tronstol technology Co., Ltd.
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4th Floor, Building 5, No. 2, Huayi Road, Yuhang Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou

Contacts & Distributors

Please contact our sales or local distributor.

  • China region:

    Email: sales@tronstol.com

    Contact: Edward

    Tel: 86-19816879553

  • European Region:

    Agent Name: TivTec, Mitja Zupan s.p.

    Email: info@tivtec.com

    Contact: Mitja Zupan

    Tel: 386 41 375 395

    Website: www.tronstolsmt.eu

    Add: Pot na Jošta 27 4000 Kranj Slovenija

  • Vietnam Region:

    Agent Name: MAITEK CO., LTD

    Email: maitek@maitek.vn

    Contact: Tho le

    Tel: 84-2437843152

    Website: www.maitek.vn

    Address: 26/87 Nguyen Khang Street, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Korea Region:

    Agent Name: NamA Electronic Industry Co.,Ltd

    Email: jcpark@neikorea.com

    Tel: 82 (02) 3141-0889

    Contact: JC Park

    Website: www.namasmt.com

    Add: SinAn B/D . 136. World Cup Bu-Ro.Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea. Zip. 03972

  • India Region:



    Tel:91 9717809459

    Contact: Raj Kumar

    Address:1184,11th Floor, Gaur City Mall, Sec-4 Greater Noida West(UP)-201306

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Trosntol is the manufacturer and supplier dedicated to the R&D and sales of SMT products. We are looking for suitable foreign partners. Our company believes that the premise of cooperation is trust, and the results of cooperation are mutually beneficial. Whether you are a business or an individual, we realize our self-worth by creating value for our customers. Tronstol is a supplier worthy of long-term cooperation. Our company provides strong support for all agents. You are welcome to join.

  • Distributor

    If you are an SMT distributor, a stable supply chain is your strong backing.Trosntol is your worthy partner,our company can provide a reliable supply chain system.If you are looking to expand your products, please contact us directly.

  • Entrepreneurs

    If you want to start a business in the SMT field, perhaps you are looking for a suitable product. Our company is looking for the partner, Please try to contact our company, Trosntol will provide you with the best quality products and the greatest support.

  • Side business
    Side business

    If you have a wealth of customer resources, why not choose a part-time job? A side business might be just what you need to boost your income and achieve some of your goals. Cooperation creates a win-win situation.