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The era of the Internet is inseparable from the popularization of communication equipment. SMD machines for mobile repairing emerge as the times require. Whether in the construction of precision electronic equipment such as program-controlled switches, numerical control equipment, signal machine, or various base stations in the telecommunication field, it needs a communication PCB. Pick and place pcb machine is widely used in communication equipment. Our pick and place machine has established in-depth cooperative relationships with CommScope, Emerson and etc. 

Communication PCB

Communication PCB Characteristics

With the continuous advancement of 5G construction, due to the characteristics of 5G high-speed and high frequency, the value of communication pcb for individual base stations will be significantly increased, and the construction will further drive the demand for communication pcb 5G base stations. 5G base stations are much larger than the current 4G base stations, which undoubtedly drives the demand for communication PCB.

The RF part has a relatively high frequency and the baseband part has a very high digital signal rate, resulting in very high requirements for materials. Some parts also require boards with ceramic substrates. In terms of processing, the boards generally have dozens of layers of through-hole boards that require a back-drilling process. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a high quality and suitable pick and place machine. As one of the mature smt equipment manufacturers, Tronstol can provide you with smd machine for mobile repairing at a low price.

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