Hang Zhou Tronstol technology Co., Ltd.
Hang Zhou Tronstol technology Co., Ltd.

All the colleague from our R&D team graduated from well-known universities. They experienced many engineering exercises in large-scale equipment and automated robots, and the team has a wealth of practical experience in equipment projects.They know how to innovate and practice continuously and also work hard.Their research and development all originate from customers and everything is for customers.They focus on every detail to improve customer satisfaction.They are strong, intelligent, powerful and united.


Mechanical team

  • Proficient in 3D modeling and structural design, processing technology and processing flow of various materials

  • For the structural mechanics analysis of high-speed motion and related engineering design experience,our team have unique insights on the matching of bearing selection parameters

  • Have sufficient insights on precision machining, sheet metal processing, and mechanical solutions in the professional field

  • Be good at originality, not satisfied with the traditional solutions of the current industry, break through with solid bottom research

Electronic team

  • Years of experience in PCB design and process control, and rich experience in wiring layout and power supply safety in industrial equipment

  • Proficient in embedded solutions, has accumulated a set of complete and reliable communication and control platform solutions in software and hardware design

  • The custom ELIN industrial bus solution is now used to solve high-speed, real-time, stable, and flexible scenarios in industrial automation control and has been used in many projects for verification

  • Rich experience in embedded software engineering architecture, rich experience in control algorithms for high-precision servo motors, linear motors, stepper motor control, etc.

  • Rich experience in low-level embedded driver development, the existing laser CCD three-dimensional scanning solution is used to solve the visual correction of 0201,0402 and other micro components

Software team

  • Many years of experience in software system development for automation equipment, and rich experience in software development under Linux and windows platforms

  • Good at complex automation control logic, has developed a complete set of action state machine programming (Action) development plan for multiple projects, stable and flexible, and efficient programming

  • Rich experience in industrial image vision development, and there are many successful projects in feature recognition, edge detection, accuracy detection and image programming

  • Highly focused on the needs of customers. the software development process revolves around needs to start projects and needs analysis, and quickly push products to the market through iteration and planning

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