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pick and place machine tronstol a1 1
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pick and place machine tronstol a1

Pick and Place Machine Tronstol E1

Pick and Place Machine Tronstol E1

TronStol E1 mounter machine is the latest desktop PNP machine of our company. The R&D department has invested more than 3 years in the development. After many rounds of testing, the finished product is finally out. With the professional UI design, it is user-friendly and easy to operate. E1 has two mount heads,you can also choose the automatic nozzle changer.Therefore, the function of 5 placement heads is instantly added to realize multi-scenario application of different nozzles. It uses Linux system,open source software to meet your various needs.Through offline programming software, you can realize offline file programming.

TronStol E1 Advanced Pick And Place Machine Video

Specification of Pick and Place machine of Tronstol E1 (Advanced)

ModelTronstol E1

Number Of Heads



Two 3D layer flying cameras + one Mark camera + one IC camera

Light source configuration

Industrial grade area array light source + Industrial-grade ring light source

Applicable Components

0201 components-26*26mm IC

XY axis motion control

Stepping servo motor + Grating ruler closed-loop control

Vibration feeder

Five(Customization supported)

Placement accuracy


Placement rotation


Mounting area


Mounting speed


Nozzle type

CN030, CN040, CN065, CN100, CN140, CN200, CN400z etc. (Customization supported)

Attachable components

RC (0201, 0402, 0805, 1201, 1206) QFP, QFN etc. LED common lamp beads, etc.

Feeder bank

Tape&reel/Tube/IC Tray

Feeder type


Operating system



Computer coordinate file import/Manual coordinate file editing, Support offline programming

Net Weight




Electricity supply

AC 110V/220V

Machine size


Details of Desktop Pick and Place Machine Tronstol E1



Our advantages

1. R&D team: Strong research and development strength is the foundation of our products. Our R&D team has rich experience, they always improve and innovate our products based on customer needs.

2. Service team: The guaranteed pre-sales and after-sales service team can respond to any problems of customers in a timely manner and solve customer needs the first time. We ensure that any inquiry will be answered within 8 hours.

3. Production department: Strictly abide by the 5S principle. The quality inspection of the product in all aspects of production ensures the high quality and stability of the product.

The SMT Production line for you


The package


For each machine, after the factory inspection is successful, we will pack it carefully. Do our best to protect it can be delivered to each of our respected customers.

About Tronstol


Hangzhou TronStol technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2009 (the company name has been updated in 2019). It is a high-tech SMT equipment supplier & manufacturer located in Hangzhou. TronStol focus on pick & place machine and it also help to provide reflow oven, stencil printer and conveyor to satisfy customer's need of a completed SMT production line.

TronStol has customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Timely response and high-quality products make customers feel relieved and assured of buying. Creating value for customers is our permanent mission.

Working Area of TronStol

Working Area of TronStol

Exhibition Booth of TronStol

Exhibition Booth of TronStol

Certification of TronStol


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