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Automatic Pick and Place Machine
Pick and Place SMD Machine TronStol A1
Automatic SMT Pick and Place Machine
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Automatic Soldering Machine TronStol A1
Semi Auto Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1
Automatic Pick and Place Machine

Automatic SMT Pick and Place Machine

TronStol A1 automated pick and place machine is the latest high-precision laser flying mounter developed by our company, which can stably and efficiently mount high-precision components such as 0201 and BGA. Compared with a semi-automatic SMT pick and place machine, this automatic SMT pick and place machine is based on the Linux system platform, combined with the advantages of CAN hardware and LIN communication protocol, and systematically connects the whole machine with 5 modules and nearly 80 sub-devices, providing you with industrial-grade performance and stability. Among ordinary automatic PCB/SMD/SMT soldering machines, TronStol A1 automatic pick and place machine is with the ability of fast response, flexible deployment, stability, and reliability. 

TronStol A1 Automatic SMT Pick And Place Machine Tutorial Video

Specification of Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1

ModelTronStol A1
Number of Heads with Vision Enabled4
Placement Rate6000PCS/H (vision on)
Feeder CapacityTape Reel Feeders: 58
Tape width8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm
Vibration Feeder5
IC Tray Capacity94
Smallest Component size201
Largest Component size35x35mm
Applicable Components0201, BGA, SOlC, SSOP, QFN, TQFP, LED
Component Height Maximum8mm
Rotation+/-180 (360)
Positioning Accuracy+/-0.02mm
Placement Area310*1500mm
Power Supply220V/110V
External DimensionsMachine: 101*88*135cm
Net Weight98 kgs

Details of Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1

Details of SMT Automatic Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1

  • Fully automatic following intelligent track, which can stay at any position, optimize the placement schedule according to the actual situation

  • Fully automatic feed stack calibration, which greatly saves manual calibration time

  • 3D graphical interface, TronStol A1 automatic PCB soldering machine intuitively reflects the performance of machine data, making the control easier

  • 4 Placement Heads: 4 placement heads can pick up different components for visual correction, improve placement efficiency. The SMT nozzles are easy to replace.

  • 3D Flying Vision Sensing Systems: The 3D sensor vision system will scan, recognize and center the picked component before placement, which achieves efficient centering and optimum speed.

  • Grating Ruler Self-Feedback Closed-loop System: The missing pulse can be automatically corrected through the cooperation of the grating ruler and the reading head, and feedback to the controller can be timely also when the rotor is locked.

  • Configure Servo Motor: The XY axis uses a powerful servo motor with high-performance mechanical adaptability to ensure stable machine use.

  • lC Tray: Place the lC tray according to the demand, the capacity of the lC tray is 94pcs. Easy-to-replacement ensures the efficiency of production.

Application of Pick and Place Machine TronStol A1

  • Mount the corresponding PCB by loading different working files

  • Stable and efficient placement of 0201 microelectronic components and BGA high-precision components

SMT Production Line with TronStol A1

TronStol A1 Pick Place Machine SMT Assembly Line

Packaging of TronStol A1 Pick and Place Machine

Packaging of TronStol A1 Automated Pick and Place Machine

Working Area of TronStol

Working Area of TronStol

Exhibition Booth of TronStol

Exhibition Booth of TronStol

Certification of TronStol

Certificates of TronStol A1 Automatic SMT Pick and Place Machine

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