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Ⅰ. Reasons and solutions for the pick&place machine not turning on

1. Check whether the solenoid valve of the pick&place machine is activated, and repair the solenoid valve. If it still doesn't work, check whether the interlock switch is disconnected. If it is disconnected, turn on the interlock switch;

2. Check whether the emergency switch of the pick&place machine is off: pull out the emergency switch button;

3. There is a problem with the computer power supply of the pick&place machine. This is a common problem that leads to no boot. First replace the new power supply or make sure it is a good power supply to see if it can be turned on and the power indicator light is on;

4. The power supply can be turned on but cannot be turned on. Open the case of the mounter computer, remove the memory stick, wipe the golden fingers of the memory stick with an eraser or white office paper, it may be that the golden phone is oxidized;

5. Remove the non-essential boot devices such as the control card and image card in the computer chassis of the LED pick&place machine, and then remove them one by one;

6. The CPU fails to boot. When the CPU is broken or the temperature is too high, it will not be able to boot, try another CPU;

7. The CPU card is broken or the gold finger is oxidized. Remove it, wipe the golden finger with an eraser or white office paper, contact the manufacturer of the pick&place machine, and replace the CPU card;

8. Computer failure of the pick&place machine: it can be restarted after shutdown. If it still doesn't start, it may be that the backplane of the computer is damaged. If the bottom plate (motherboard) is damaged, don't think about it, it's just weird if you can turn it on. In this case, you need to contact the LED pick&place machine manufacturer.

Ⅱ. How to judge whether the pick&place machine meets your own requirements?

The pick&place machine is a complex and precise manufacturing equipment, which has strict requirements on the production environment and operation.

1. Look at the pick-up defect of the pick&place machine

Pickup defects can be categorized as feeder failures, vacuum failures, or vision failures, and pickup defects reduce net output and wasted parts.

2. Look at the reliability, availability and maintainability of the pick&place machine

Data on reliability, availability and maintainability are published by suppliers based on actual field experience.

3. Look at the preventive maintenance of the pick&place machine

Preventive and corrective maintenance keep SMT placement systems operating at their specified speed and accuracy.

4. Look at the process ability of the pick&place machine

Refers to X, Y and Θ relative placement accuracy levels. A machine's X, Y and Θ errors are considered individually, not collectively. (Accuracy) By judging the accuracy of the pick&place machine, it is possible to know whether all the materials that need to be placed in the placement factory can be placed. It is better to have a higher accuracy than the actual placement materials to ensure that the placement pass rate meets the requirements.

5. Look at the output of the pick&place machine

Involves the measurement of transfer, manufacturing and takt time. (Speed) Calculate whether the production capacity meets the factory production schedule requirements by judging the placement speed of the pick&place machine.

6. Mounting defects

The probability that a placement defect usually occurs (defective rate). By judging the placement defects of the pick&place machine, it is known whether the yield meets the requirements, thereby reducing costs and production time.

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