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Auto-nozzle changer (as shown in Figure 1) is a function to adapt to various types of actual products of customers. Because different components need to use different types of nozzles, the purpose of an auto-nozzle changer is to avoid stopping the machine from manually replace the nozzle during the production process. The auto-nozzle changer enables the machine to automatically replace the nozzle during the production process to adapt to different components. The general desktop placement machine has only two nozzles, while Tronstol E1 has the function of an auto-nozzle changer and can install up to six types of nozzles.


Figure 1

How does the automatic replacement function work?

The auto-nozzle changer function requires a combination of hardware and software to work perfectly. On the hardware: 1.3D CCD laser flying camera is a necessary element. Because the CCD 3D laser vision is directly embedded in the placement head, it can detect the nozzle. Each time a work file is loaded, the CCD 3D laser vision performs a round of nozzle tip diameter and concentricity checks. Different nozzle types are identified based on this inspection, which is the premise for an auto-nozzle changer. 2. Automatically replace the nozzle device. It is a fixture for placing idle nozzles. On the software: 1. The system will check the type of nozzle to be used according to the order of the work files. Each type of component in the library has a preset nozzle type that can match it. When the program runs to the next component to be placed, the nozzle model of the current placement head will be identified. And confirm which type of nozzle needs to be used to grab the next component to be mounted. If the nozzle type on the current placement head does not match the nozzle type required for the component to be mounted, the system will match with the nozzle model in the nozzle library. Because there are also models with pre-set nozzle placement in the nozzle library. After the matching is successful, the nozzle will be automatically replaced.

In software, you can also choose “Compsort” to achieve placement path optimization . (as shown in Figure 2)


Figure 2

Advantages of the auto-nozzle changer

1. It can meet the simultaneous use of 6 different types of nozzles, basically cover the needs of customers for multi-category placement, and greatly improve the efficiency of prototype and small-batch production. There is no need to stop the machine to manually replace the nozzle, which saves manpower and increases the speed of placement.

2. It saves the cost of customers. Some customers need to buy two machines to work at the same time in order to meet the needs of more than two placement heads. Our one two-head desktop placement machine is equivalent to having three two-head desktop placement machines at the same time.

3. On the basis of software path optimization, it can maximize the simultaneous placement of two heads, with the least number of nozzle changes and the fastest placement speed. This greatly saves the time of editing files and improves work efficiency.

How to use the auto-nozzle changer?

Automatically replace the nozzle device that has been installed on the machine platform. It has a total of five holes. The replacement positions of each  nozzle have been set before leaving the factory, and generally do not need to be changed. You only need to set the nozzle model information in each hole in the factory settings(as shown in Figure 3), which must be in one-to-one correspondence. And five holes must be vacated one vacancy. When the nozzle is automatically replaced, the original placement head needs to be put down the nozzle, then pick the target nozzle stably and accurately. Once this setup is complete, the system will automatically perform nozzle replacement during the placement process. (Tips: When the nozzle is placed, you can go to the tool interface to manually "replace the nozzle" to check the function.[as shown in Figure 4])


Figure 3


Figure 4

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