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Hang Zhou Tronstol technology Co., Ltd.

Do you Have English Version for Your Machines?

Is it hard to use these machines?

The Warranty of the machine?

How is the training?

Does your machines have quality certificate?

Does factory support software updating?

When can it be shipped?

Do I need to have a full-time engineer to operate and maintain the equipment?

What is OpenPnP?

I wonder if there is a solution within my budget?

What should I do if there is a problem in the use process?

Can the machine achieve segment placement?

What are the functions of the up and down cameras?

Is it complicated to set up the machine?

What's the payment term?

What's the grating ruler displacement sensor?

Is your machine mainly used for proofing?

Is it easy to transport?

What payment methods do you support?

Is the shipping included?

Is the software easy to operate?

In case the machine breaks down, where can I find the spare parts?

Is the software update fast?

During the warranty period, who is responsible for the cost of the parts?

Is there a return service for the machine?

How do we know the effect of the placement during the placement process?

My production volume is relatively large, can your machine meet my needs?

What documents are applicable to your offline programming?

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