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The same pick and place machine, mount the same product, the quality and efficiency of mount may not be the same. There are many factors affecting mount quality and mount efficiency, such as PCB design and program optimization. The measures to improve the mounting efficiency of the pick and place machine are as follows:

(1) PCB design according to DFM requirements.

① Mark setting specification.

② PCB shape, size, hole positioning, edge positioning Settings to be correct, must meet the requirements of the pick and place machine.

③ The smaller size PCB can be jointed board to reduce downtime and transmission time.

(2) Optimize the pick and place program.

① Reduce the replacement times of nozzle.

② Short distance to pick up and placement.

(3) Take offline programming for many varieties and small batch production.

(4) Measures of replace and add component.

① Install the spare feeder in advance.

② A large amount of components can be set up multiple feeder positions, not only can prolong the time to supplement components, coaxial multi-head pick and place can also increase the opportunity to pick up at the same time.

(5) When preparing materials for components, the packaging form can be selected according to the number of materials used. For components with large number, tape packaging should be selected as far as possible.

(6) Operate the machine according to the safe operation rules and pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment.

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