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Ⅰ. Workflow of SMT mounter

Into the board and mark identification - automatic learning - nozzle selection - feeder selection - component pickup - component detection and evaluation - placement - nozzle homing - out of the board.

1. The PCB board to be mounted enters the working area and is fixed in the predetermined position.

2. The component material is installed in the feeder and installed to the position of SMT mounter's placement head sucking according to the position set in the program.

3. The placement head will move to the position of sucking components, open the vacuum, nozzle down to suck components, and then through the vacuum sensor, it will detect whether the components are sucked.

4. You need to do component identification, read the component characteristics of the component library, and compare with the sucked components. If it does not match after comparison and evaluation, the component will be thrown into the waste box. If the comparison evaluation is consistent, the center position and angle of the component need to be calculated.

5. According to the SMT mounter program setting,  to you can adjust the rotation angle of the components though the Z axis of the mounter head. Then, through the mounter head, it can be moved to the position set by the program, making the center of the components and PCB board placement position point coincide.

6. SMT mounter suction nozzle will drop to the height set in the program, close the vacuum, the component falls down. In this way, it completes a component mount operation.

7. After all the components are mounted, the SMT mounter nozzle will be placed into position and the PCB board will be transferred to the set position. Complete the whole PCB board placement operation.

Ⅱ. SMT mounter manufacturer's choice

TronStol focuses on bonders, it also helps to provide machine parts such as reflow oven, stencil printer and conveyor to meet customers' needs for a complete SMT production line. We are a one-stop manufacturer and supplier of SMT.

Our company's placement machine has comprehensive features such as fast placement speed, high precision, stable operation, light body and easy operation, which really solves the high labor cost, low productivity, unstable product quality, high equipment investment and high maintenance cost for customers. It has been adopted by many scientific research institutions, national key laboratories, scientific research institutes and new product trial centers of large companies. It is especially suitable for the mass production of light bars, display manufacturers, automotive electronics, intelligent communication and other enterprises.

TronStol has its own R&D team of more than 20 people, professional management team, excellent sales team and perfect after-sales service team. The core values of TronStol are "Innovation", "Think and Practice", "Understanding and Achievement". If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.

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