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Tronstol is the one-stop SMT manufacturer and supplier. We can supply different kind of products which can meet the varies demands of customer.For example: Tronstol A1 is a fully automatic high-precision pick and place machine. It can match high-precision electronic products in small batch production or rapid proofing which can improve the efficiency of the research and development stage and the rapid promotion of the product maturity stage.It mainly used in communication modules, Bluetooth products and other micro electronic products production scenarios. Compared with traditional SMT equipment, the product has the advantages of small size, high integration, convenient operation.It also can directly enter the R&D institutions of various enterprises in the form of auxiliary tools, helping enterprises to iterate products quickly.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur in the SMT field or you want to repurchase the pick and place machine, then how to choose the placement machine?


1. Speed

According to the PCB products produced in Tronstol, estimate the monthly output to select the pick and place machine with the appropriate speed. If it is a factory that conducts research and development by itself, in addition to the choice of high-speed pick and place  machines, you can purchase another production line dedicated to research and development. If you produce more types of products, you can choose a suitable production line according to different types. Because the speed often determines the price, and replacing the PCB requires time to do the preparatory work, you can choose pick and place machines of different speeds for classification.


2. Accuracy

The higher the precision of the pick and place machine, the higher the price. The speed can be used by multiple pick and place machines at the same time, but the accuracy must meet your PCB requirements. If there is a demand for 01005, you must buy a pick and place machine that can meet this demand. Your accuracy can be selected based on your smallest components.


3. Number of feeders

If you operate more than 100 types of components, the feeder slot of many machines may not be able to meet your placement needs, and you need to buy 2 or more machines to complete the work.


4. After-sales

Engineers who have used the pick and place machine should all understand that the pick and place machine is a precision instrument. In the process of using it, not only need to have relevant knowledge, but also need to have an in-depth understanding of the machine. Therefore, professional after-sales training for manufacturers is essential. In the process of using the pick and place machine, various machine failures will also be encountered, so the manufacturer's timely after-sales guarantee is indispensable. On this basis, try to choose branded machines.


5. Budget

The pick and place machine is a production tool, so its main function is to create value for you. You need to calculate the budget based on the input-output ratio.

Design innovation of Pick and Place Machine 

1. The appearance of industrial design breaks the visual sense of traditional industrial products which is refreshing.

2. This product is designed in strict accordance with the CE standard and has passed the CE certification of the EU official agency.

3. Technically designed with laser flight vision (This is one of patent belong our company ), it can shoot and recognize the operation target during the movement, and complete the calculation before execution to achieve a precise flight correction system.

4. Technically designed low-cost grating ruler feedback system (This is one of patent belong our company) to achieve precise repeat positioning.

5. The first technology of automatic alignment and correction of the feeder bank:using a high-resolution camera which can automatically identify the best position of the component grabbing through image analysis,synchronize the machine parameters and automatically set the parameters. Compared with traditional placement machines, the alignment process is optimized and efficiency is improved.

6. Realize the overall replacement the feeder bank of small machines which can realize 30S rapid switching of production scenes in the fast proofing scene.

7. The control interface breaks the traditional industrial product style, and the operation form adopts 3D visualization operation which is intuitive and easy to understand, lowers the barrier to use and improves user experience.


Core technology and process of Pick and Place Machine 

1. Invention patent, electric feeder based on CCD technology.

2. Positioning and correction algorithms based on vision technology.

3. Software:Tronstol A1 control system.

4. The application of grating ruler solves the problem of repeated Ding Wen in the micro-motion system.

5. Leading technology in the industry, flight vision based on laser technology.

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