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Manual welding features: simple equipment, flexible operation, wide application (various welding positions, various welding seams). But low production efficiency, poor working environment, high labor intensity, and it is not suitable for welding active metals such as aluminum and titanium. Dissolved metals and low melting point metals.The biggest advantage is to save money.It is more suitable for research and development scenarios.

Fully automatic welding features: high production efficiency, good welding quality and good working conditions. However, it can only weld straight welds and large diameter circular seams; suitable for flat welding positions; mass production.

Fully automatic welding has incomparable advantages over manual welding:

1. The welding speed is faster, the quality is consistent, the surface is beautiful, and there is no uneven soldering phenomenon of manual welding. The welding of the automatic welding machine can avoid the influence of various human factors during manual welding, such as the influence of the operator's mood, the influence of the physical condition, and the influence of the proficiency. Ensure the consistency and reliability of welding.

2. Reduce the management difficulty and product cost, reduce the number of operators and inspectors. Now the labor cost is increasing year by year. The annual recruitment is a headache for the boss. The automatic welding machine can greatly reduce the number of employees, greatly reduce product costs, and improve product competition force.

3. The welding reliability of the automatic welding machine is much greater than manual welding. Will not affect the welding effect due to personnel reasons.

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