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TP3040 high-precision manual printer is mainly used for single-sided or double-sided circuit board solder paste or red glue printing requirements. The working platform is made of high-quality aluminum, and its base is welded with thick steel plates, which is strong and durable. Its characteristics are as follows: 

  • The circuit board uses fixed beads and fixed posts for positioning, which can ensure convenient positioning and accuracy of repeated operations. 

  • Make ready mode is made by moving the template, and combines the fine adjustment and correction of the X and Y axes in the printing platform, which is convenient and fast. 

  • The template support adopts spiral bearings, the height can be adjusted up and down, which is convenient to control the thickness of PCB and the amount of printing paste. 

  • The printing plate is fixed by four knobs with pressure rollers, fast and firm.

Size of workbench300x400mm
Max printing size250x400mm
Max screen frame dimension370x470mm
Thickness of printed matter0-80mm
The adjustment volume of workbench10mm
Height of printing platform220mm
Repeatability precision±0. 01mm
Location modeShape or benchmark hole
Outline Size640x480x250mm
Net Weight23kgs
Gross Weight26kgs

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