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Reflow Oven MR30

TronStol MR30 is the newest mini reflow oven.It is full convection oven(tubular heaters and fan).The heat distribution and absorption are same for dark and light components. After the reflow oven preheating, the temperature rise is about 1 ℃/S.It has a small size which is easy to transportation. It is mainly used for single-sided or double-sided PCB board soldering process requirements.

Specification of Reflow Oven MR30

Drawer size


Working area


External Dimension






Rated power


Cycle time


Temperature range

Room Temperature~300°C

Net weight


Gross weight


Features of Reflow Oven MR30

  • The product uses high-speed stability of the master MCU, with advanced intelligent temperature measurement and control technology, temperature measurement,temperature control fine.

  • The product has a temperature correction compensation function, reducing the use of the machine environment requirements, so that the machine in the temperature changes in the environment to maintain a stable temperature measurement quality.

  • The product has a constant temperature timer function, so that the machine to maintain a constant temperature environment to meet the diverse needs of users.

  • Upgraded version of the heat insulation device, so that the machine has a good heat dissipation function, to avoid short circuits caused by high temperature, and safer operation.

  • The product is equipped with the control software provides a variety of curve input, to facilitate the setting of a variety of curves.

  • The control software original graphics curve display module, real-time dynamic display curve, to achieve WYSIWYG, the abstract figures will be displayed to the user intuitively.

  • Control software to provide a variety of solder paste data, users can set the curve for reference.

Internal circulation diagram of airflow


Advantages of Reflow Oven MR30

  • R&D team:Strong research and development strength is the foundation of our products. Our R&D team has rich experience, they always improve and innovate our products based on customer needs.

  • Service team:The guaranteed pre-sales and after-sales service team can respond to any problems of customers in a timely manner and solve customer needs in the first time. We ensure that any inquiry will be answered within 8 hours.

  • Production department:Strictly abide by the 5S principle. The quality inspection of the product in all aspects of production ensures the high quality and stability of the product.

Video of Reflow Oven MR30




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