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The electronic information industry is the pillar industry of the national economy and national defense construction. High-level electronic production equipment is an important indicator of the scientific and technological strength of a country or region. The pick and place machine is a symbolic equipment of modern electronic production equipment. It spans many disciplines such as electronics, machinery, automation, optics and computers, and it touches core skills such as precision visual inspection, high-speed and high-precision manipulation, precision machining, and computer integrated production. It is a typical high-tech category of machine-optical integration.

1. The pick and place machine is used in electronic manufacturing

The correct selection, the use and protection of the pick & place machine is an important skill link in the development of electronic manufacturing industry. With the number and advanced level of pick and place machines, it has become a symbol of the electronic production capacity of an enterprise, region or country.

Electronic assembly is at the mid-end of the electronics industry chain, and belongs to a low-value-added processing profession that is sensitive to cost and power, especially for civilian products that account for the majority of electronic products. Cost and power are even more important; electronic products are miniaturized and multifunctional The development trend of modernization has increased the cost of electronic assembly and brought unprecedented challenges to electronic assembly equipment.

The pick and place machine is actually a kind of precision industrial robot. It gives full play to the high-skilled effect of modern precision machinery, electromechanical integration, photoelectric combination, automation skills and computer control skills to complete high-speed, high-precision, and intelligent electronic assembly production equipment.

The pick and place machine is an electronic production equipment that has a relatively large proportion of value, a high technical content, and a greater impact on the entire assembly production capacity and power among the modern mainstream electronic assembly technology (SMT) production equipment.

In the field of electronic assembly, the pick and place machine is a typical high-speed, high-precision, high-power professional electronic equipment; the pick and place technology plays a key role in the production power and product quality in the entire process.

2. Why does the pick and place machine need to be maintained?

We must maintain any machinery and equipment when we use it. This will not only maintain the stability and accuracy of the equipment, but also extend the life of the equipment. The placement machine is of course no exception.

(1) Daily maintenance. Clean the surface of the equipment every day; let the equipment automatically warm up for more than 20 minutes every day when starting up; check whether the movable parts are in good contact and whether the screws are loose; clean the surface of each sensor.

(2) Weekly maintenance. Add lubricating oil to the movable part; check whether each suction nozzle is blocked and add liquid oil; check and clean the laser head and camera lens.

(3) Monthly maintenance. Clean the head of the pick and place machine and replace the lubricating oil on the movable shaft; clean the dirt on the movable part; replace the lubricating oil on the X and Y axes; check whether the grounding wires are in good contact.

(4) Annual maintenance. Check whether each power supply of the electric box is in good contact; check the wear and tear of each part of the equipment, and perform replacement and maintenance.

The above is a summary of the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance of the pick and place machine. In order to make our equipment high-efficiency and high-quality output, we must do the maintenance work properly.

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