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Drop component means that the PNP machine does not place the component after it has picked the component or throws the component into the trash box and other places by mistake during production.

Drop component causes material loss, prolongs production time, reduces production efficiency, and raises production costs. In order to optimize production efficiency and reduce costs, the problem of high dropping rate must be solved.

The main reasons and solutions of dropping materials:


1. Nozzle problems

The nozzle is deformed, blocked, or damaged, causing insufficient air pressure and air leakage, resulting in failure of picking, incorrect identification, and finally drop components.

Solution:Clean or change nozzles.

2. Identification problems

There are stains interfere the camera. Or the light source is not bright enough.

Solution:Clean the surface of the camera lens. Adjust the intensity of the light source.

3. Picking position problem

The picking position or height of  pick and place machine is not accuracy. And the component is recognized as invalid.

Solution:Adjust the picking position.

4. Vacuum problem

Insufficient or unstable air pressure of the nozzle causes abnormal pick.

Solution:Adjust the air pressure or clean the air pipe.

5. Components problem

The component is unqualified, or the lead is oxydic. There is some problem with component packing.

Solution:Inspect the components before working. 

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