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​Tronstol A1 Pick and Place Machine Line
​Tronstol A1 Pick and Place Machine Line

​Tronstol A1 Pick and Place Machine Line1

Tronstol A1 Pick and Place Machine with Semi-Automatic Solder Printer YS 350 and Tronstol Reflow Oven L5 - Economical Assembly Production SMT Line.

YS350 Semi - automatic solder paste printer

Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS350

Specification of Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS350

PCB sizeMax:400*240mm
Printing area500*320mm
PCB fixed systemPin positioning
Frame sizeL(550-650)*W(370-470)
Adjusting for tablefront/rear±10mm,left/right±10mm
Printing Accuracy±0.2mm
Repeating Accuracy±0.2mm
PCB thickness0.2-2.0mm
Air source4-6kg/c㎡
Power supplyAC220V 50HZ
Packing size1050*900*1850mm
Net weight230kg
Gross weight280KG

Features of Semi-automatic Solder Printer YS350

1. It is controlled by PC, touch screen display and menu interface 

2. It uses floating scraper, similar to the automatic printer, scraper can float up and down freely. It can automatically adjust to the level with the steel grid. 

3. You can change the length of the scraper to adjust the pressure of the scraper.It is very important to choose the suitable pressure of the scraper.This will influence the precision of solder paste printing.

4.The process of removing the Strip from the PCB can be adjusted between 0 and 5 seconds. 

5.Press the button with both hands to ensure safety and reliability. 

6.The Stop Time of the scraper on the top left, bottom left, bottom right and top right and the total stop time of the steel bar at the top or bottom can be set independently in the touch screen menu.

7.The PCB can be located and fixed by bottom hole, bottom edge, bottom hole and bottom edge and template positioning. 

8.The time can be displayed on the touch screen and the printing time can be recorded. 

9.Left and right scraper speed can be adjusted, in case of emergency can be stopped.

Pick and Place Machine Tronstol A1 with 4 Heads+58 Feeders+4 Cameras Made in China

A1 small high-precision pick and place machine,the minimum component can support 0201, equipped with flying laser 3D recognition camera, industrial-grade bus architecture, based on CAN hardware LIN bus. A1 is not only a pick and place machine, but also an intelligent pick and place platform.

Pick and Place Machine Tronstol A1

Specification of Pick And Place Machine Tronstol A1

ModelTronstol A1
Number of Heads with Vision enabled4
Placement Rate6000PCS/H (vision on)
Feeder CapacityTape Reel Feeders:58
Tape width8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm
Vibration Feeder5
IC Tray Capacity94
Smallest Component size201
Largest Component size35x35mm
Applicable Components0201,BGA,SOlc,sSOP,QFN,TQFP,Led
Component Height Maximum8mm
Positioning Accuracy+/-0.02mm
Placement Area310*1500mm
Power Supply220V/110V
External DimensionsMachine:101*88*135CM
Net Weight98KGs

Feature of Pick And Place Machine Tronstol A1

1.Flying 3D Laser identification and Correction Technology,Grating Full Feedback System.

2.Accurately handle the components 0201. 

3.The automatic feeder stack calibration can greatly save manual calibration time.

4.With independent feed bank,the line change can be completed in 1minute.

Reflow oven L5 

Feature of Reflow oven L5

1. L5 as the basic reflow soldering, it can meet the needs of general customers. Reflow oven uses hot air to weld PCB, which has good welding effect and low price.

2. L5 is vertical reflow soldering. It has a total of five heating zones, the upper three and the lower two are matched. The temperature curve of composite solder paste can meet the welding effect of components.

3. The conveyor belt is driven by AC motor, which is easy to operate. The speed console can stabilize and customize the temperature according to your needs. The sensitivity is less than 1 degree and the control accuracy is ± 10 mm / min.

Specification of Reflow Oven L5

Components Max Height (CM)5.5
Conveyor Width(CM)30
Max Speed of Conveyor (CM)120
Peak Power(KW)7
Working Power(KW)3
Input Voltage(V)380/220
5 heating zonesFirst: Fast preheat zone,Second: Soldering zone,Third: Drying zone,Fourth/Fifth: Bottom-side heat zones,(Each zones adapts independent heating/cooling control ways, cooling zone belongs to strong wind refrigerating system.)
External DimensionsMachine:170*70*128CM
Net Weight210KGS
Gross weight340kg

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