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Generally speaking, the SMT industry knows that the SMT nozzle is a key component of the SMT machine. It is used to pick up and place SMT components. There are many types of SMT nozzles on the market, including steel, ceramics, plastic steel, plastic, aluminum alloy, and iron. According to the shape, there are round holes, square holes, V-shaped, etc., and there are many kinds according to the different sizes.

Ⅰ. The choice of SMT pick and place nozzles

1. Choose by the nozzle shape of the placement machine:

The nozzle shape has square hole, round hole, V groove, etc. Custom-made pick nozzles generally choose flat suction points according to the shape of the material. Some are made as elongated nozzles, and the grooves that extend the material are used for suction. Some are made into a back shape according to the edge of the material, and some are two-sided. Use a flat surface at the end and build a bridge if the middle is uneven. Some materials are sticky and are not easy to discharge, so some grooves should be made in the nozzle wall or made into rubber heads.

2. Choose by the material of the nozzle of the placement machine:

a. Plastic nozzle: When the surface of the material is uneven or the material is sticky, it is suitable to choose the plastic nozzle, but the life of the plastic pick nozzle is not long. It is recommended to buy more plastic nozzles for spare when ordering the plastic pick nozzle. When the nozzle tip is worn out, you can directly replace the glue nozzle tip yourself.

b. Tungsten steel nozzle: the tungsten steel nozzle is strong and durable, but it is easy to turn white. Friends who are not afraid of trouble, or SMT newcomers can choose the tungsten steel nozzle. If it becomes white, use an oil-based pen to paint, and you can continue to use it.

c. Diamond steel nozzle: sturdy, easy to use, never whitish, but very expensive and not cost-effective.

d. Ceramic nozzle: The ceramic nozzle is never white, but it is brittle and easy to break. Careful use can avoid or reduce the occurrence of breakage.

3. Choose by the size of the nozzle of the placement machine:

For standard materials, the nozzle specifications are basically fixed. For example, 0805 materials correspond to CN065 nozzles, 0603 materials correspond to CN040 nozzles and so on. When some materials are not big or small, and have strange shapes, the nozzle needs to be customized.

Ⅱ. The role of the SMT pick and place nozzles

The SMT pick and place nozzles are not only the key part of the placement machine to paste and release the components that are sucked, but also the background when the camera of the optical vision system takes pictures. It mainly uses the suction effect of vacuum to suck the components. Use air blowing to put the components adsorbed on the suction nozzle to the coordinate position of the circuit board.

When the suction nozzle of the pick and place machine sucks components, in order to achieve the ideal situation, it is necessary to ensure that the center of the component, the center of the suction nozzle, and the space center of the obtained image should be coincident, and the adjustment of the optical vision system actually requires compensate the deviation caused by this non-coincidence in actual work.

Different mounting components need different suction nozzles to suck. Almost every pick nozzle will have a reflective background, which is mainly to have a good background when the image is taken, so as to ensure that the target information is accurately highlighted when the image is processed. The SMT nozzles are used as the background when extracting the image. The image contrast of the component is enhanced and more clearly visible.

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